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If you’re looking for a stone that typifies the timeless beauty, grace, and longevity of marble, Tundra Grey is the perfect option for you. Tundra Grey marble offers everything you could ever want from a marble surface. It offers a premium look, impressive colours, striking natural patterns and veining and a wide range of applications.

To secure the finest selection of Tundra Grey marble for your next project, talk to the specialists at Surface Spectrum. Located in Dandenong South, we import impressive natural stones directly from quarries all around the world. Our high standards ensure that you are receiving a naturally beautiful and long-lasting product that represents the best of the best. Come and visit our team to explore our range of Tundra Grey marble slabs and tiles in person, or read on for more information about Tundra Grey.

When you think of the marble that was used to build ancient pillars, impressive floors and eye-catching countertops, you are thinking of Tundra Grey. This marble boasts an iconic off-white and grey look that has defined marble slabs for centuries. With slivers of silver, veins of cream, and cloudy greys, the natural patterns in Tundra Grey marble just add extra depth and intricacy to each slab and tile.

Elegant Tundra Grey Marble Benchtops

When it comes to Tundra Grey marble applications, there are plenty of options for designers and architects. Utilise Tundra Grey marble tiles for flooring and walls, or choose marble paving to add elegant beauty to the exterior of your home.

Tundra Grey slabs and tiles are also perfect for creating splashbacks, countertops, benchtops and more. Make Tundra Grey marble benchtops and tabletops the centre of your kitchen design to completely transform the look and feel of your space.

Whether it’s a commercial or residential application, Tundra Grey marble is sure to provide impressive results for your next project. As a wholesale supplier, Surface Spectrum can provide excellent prices on a quality range of Tundra Grey marble supplies.

To get Tundra Grey marble slabs and tiles in the size, pattern, and finish that suits your needs, contact our team today. Arrange a visit to see our team in Dandenong South for expert advice and an excellent range of Tundra Grey marble.

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