Whether you’re looking for granite pavers or granite slabs in Melbourne, the team at Surface Spectrum can deliver a premium solution for you. As natural stone wholesalers, our team offers a vast variety of high-quality granite supplies for your next project. No matter your application, Surface Spectrum can recommend the finest granite to bring your project to life.

Explore our range today or get in touch to discuss your needs. You can also visit our team in Dandenong South to view our range of granite and get in-person advice. The experts at Surface Spectrum would be happy to assist you.

Melbourne’s Home of Superior Granite Slabs

You will enjoy many benefits when you choose our superior granite slabs in Melbourne. As experienced granite suppliers; Melbourne designers, architects, landscapers and other professionals can turn to Surface Spectrum.

Our granite materials are perfect for a wide range of applications and they are particularly beneficial for benchtops, tabletops and countertops. When you choose granite for your project, you will enjoy a value-adding material that provides an impressive selling point for any commercial or residential property.

Granite surfaces are also incredibly hardwearing and long-lasting, meaning they will resist impact damage such as scratching, chips and dents. Surface Spectrum can provide granite surfaces that resist staining, ensuring your bench continues to look fantastic for many years into the future.

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option, granite – or any other natural stone for that matter – is perfect for the job. Granite is naturally occurring in the earth and it can be polished or honed in an eco-friendly manner.

Granite is perfect for your benchtop surface because it will not soak in bacteria, dirt, or any other nasties once it has been sealed. All you need to do is wipe down your granite surface to keep it clean and ensure it remains in perfect condition.

Come and Visit Our Granite Suppliers in Melbourne

To view our exclusive and luxurious range of granite in person, come and visit Surface Spectrum in the Melbourne suburb of Dandenong South. Our experts will be happy to recommend the best wholesale stone solutions for your needs.

Jet Black Granite Leathered Detail (surface Spectrum)