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If you appreciate the elegance and beauty of marble but you’re searching for an alternative, then the Dolomite range from Surface Spectrum is ideal for you. Super White Dolomite is extremely similar to marble and you would even mistake it for marble with the naked eye. That means you get the timeless aesthetic appeal of marble with every Dolomite project.

What sets Super White Dolomite apart from marble are the crystals that are found throughout its surface. These impressive crystals contribute to Dolomite’s stunning appearance and most importantly, they add hardness and durability that make Dolomite even more long-lasting than classic marble!

When you partner with Surface Spectrum, you will enjoy excellent wholesale prices on our hand-selected range of Super White Dolomite. Based in Melbourne, our team can supply you with Super White Dolomite tiles and slabs that are the best of the best. Read on to learn more about Super White Dolomite or contact us today to discuss your needs.

Designers, architects and property owners all love Super White Dolomite and there’s a great reason why! While marble is already relatively hardwearing, Super White Dolomite takes this to the next level. In fact, Super White Dolomite is more comparable to granite in the way it wears and how long it will last. As well as being stylish and durable, Super White Dolomite surfaces are also easy to take care of, meaning they’re simple to keep in excellent condition.

Practical and Stylish Super White Dolomite Benchtops

Super White Dolomite is the perfect material for your benchtops, countertops and tabletops in kitchens, bathrooms and commercial spaces. As well as Super White Dolomite benchtops, this marble-like surface can be used in vanities, splashbacks, fireplaces and even barbeques.

To discuss your needs, explore our range of natural patterns and find the perfect natural stone for your next project, contact our team today. Give us a call and arrange a time to visit us in Dandenong South. Our experts can help you explore an impressive collection of Super White Dolomite and other natural stones, ensuring you can discover the product that speaks to your sensibilities.

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